In order to celebrate the versatility of denim, years back we began our journey by creating the IKON brand. Keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of your young ones, we designed the right fit for distinctive body shapes with various ranges of designs and embellishments. Since then, we have been exploring our aesthetics by founding various other brands that are known for their sundry expertise, fabric exploration, and design to fulfill the market gaps.


IKON is one of the leading denim brands that designs, manufactures & distributes boys’ & girls’ clothing throughout Pakistan. Denim is in IKON’s core business & DNA. They use super stretch cotton-rich fabric for better comfort. Knowing the needs and preferences of their consumers, they have introduced and designed multiple fits incorporating all the styles like elasticized waistbands, ribbed waistbands, and zip fly. Valuing the distinctive body shape of kids, they have created products that are easy to wear for everyone and satisfy their consumers.


Creed is quickly becoming a new favorite kid’s brand. Their clothes are known to be ridiculously soft and kids seem to always favor wearing these over anything else. Creed offers eye-catching tees & sweatshirts that have fun graphics & fresh styles to complement your kids’ personalities. They produce clothes that are vibrant and fun but designed to last. They tick all the super-cool boxes for us.


Regal celebrates and explores the standard denim for the masses and offers exquisite quality with no compromise on fabric. It designs an assortment of basic jeans that you can smarten up at an affordable price. Since its inception in 2018, the denim brand has turned heads throughout Pakistan with its statement jeans and shorts. By understanding the pulse of their customer, their strength is to design the best fits with clean washes & finishes for the boys and girls in town.


Indigo is one of the leading knitwear brands of kids clothing in Pakistan, with fresh prints, bright colours, super-soft fabrics, functional details and exceptional value. It designs apparel with a playful personality that celebrates the imagination and creativity of the kids who wear it. Indigo creates a full range of cute, quality children’s clothing such as T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Trousers etc. that have provided solutions for real-life since 2020.


Bloom designs stylish as well as casual jeggings exclusively for girls and offers sundry designs. Its collection features timeless styles with a modern twist. After identifying the prevalent vacuum of multi-faceted articles, they have introduced hybrid designs that look like jeans but give comfort as leggings. Explore a range of our super comfort jeggings that are made of ultra-stretch fabric. Discover an array of designs and options that can lighten up your day.


At The Factory, you can explore one of the best export leftovers that are collected not only from the local manufacturers but also are imported. They choose well-known brands that are original and also offer the best in terms of quality. It is a destination for quality brand leftovers of every kind exclusively for the little ones in your life.


With the rapid inclination towards the digital world especially in the last couple of years, where online shopping has become a part of our daily life, we identified a missing opportunity of kids’ niche in the online market and we decided to design such a marketplace that exhibits it all under one roof; everything from kids wears to boys and girls, providing a one-stop solution for our valued customers.