Sourcing From Pakistan

Being one of the most prominent sourcing companies in Pakistan, MAC is capable of catering to all requirements of its overseas and local clients for sourcing world-class textile and apparel products from Pakistan as well as starting and successfully managing their brands in the dynamic Pakistani market. Unlike traditional trading houses, we always strive to meet the very specific requirement of our worthy clients with regard to the texture of the fabric, material grades, color specifications, designs, etc. We understand that working in a foreign country can be difficult and troublesome. Working with MAC can help you to overcome difficulties such as; language barrier, lack of knowledge & experience in new business culture, cost of access and business follow up in a foreign country. With our expertise and assistance, you will get a chance to do business as if you are a local company in Pakistan. If you want to source textile products or want to launch your textile/apparel brand in Pakistan MAC has the right expertise to guide you through the process

Product Development

We love growing companies. It is our favorite part of what we do and we are here to help you grow in any way we can. We’ll talk through your whole creative vision, taking what’s in your head and getting it down on paper. Some clients think of this as “product therapy.” We always keep a close eye on all the latest trends in the local and international markets and work very closely with our clients in developing new products and improving the existing ones. Market intelligence is always a key factor in our business.

Sourcing Database

According to specific customer requirements in terms of quality, quantity, price, speed, and flexibility, we offer different possibilities and alternatives from the most suitable manufacturers. Access to an established network of manufacturers in continuous review and update is one of our most important competencies. This database allows us to find quickly and efficiently the best match for our client’s production needs.


To be able to ensure service and product quality and to select suitable manufacturers requires attention to detail and know-how. Our day-to-day communication with customers and suppliers gives us a profound understanding of customer needs. Our skilled specialists monitor and guide the sampling and production processes with utmost precision.

Quality Control

We at MAC believe in high quality and exceptional customer services that help to build up an effective relationship. Our QA team continuously monitors products at all stages to deliver the quality that our clients demand.


We verify the sales contract and we take care to correct any errors or discrepancies, reducing wasted time and always looking for the best conditions. We follow the entire document flow between supplier and customer (proforma invoice, letters of credit, shipping documents, certificates, etc.), Our job is to simplify and streamline the processes of both parties.

Shipping & Delivery

We always search for the best shipping options in terms of cost and speed for air shipments, sea shipments and truck shipments. From the point of leaving the factories till it gets to you, we scrupulously monitor every shipment.


Our role as a sourcing company in Pakistan is finding the best suppliers with the best prices in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. As a local partner our prices, including all our services are extremely competitive thanks to the intelligent & efficient manufacturer database, our dynamic staff and the total volumes that we generate in a year.